Virtual is a Medical Device.
2 different technologies in the same hardware


Plasma wave (with it the doctor in his studio can be make blepharoplasty, remove stretch-marks, tattoo, wrinkles, nevi, and so on).
If you need I could send you a video to understand better the benefits of such amazing thecnology.

Aseptic and Sterile radioporation with an active deep radiofrequency (special handle with syringe and needling head).
Electroporation+Sonoporation+Radiofrequency on the pin of the needling head.
Three benefits in one handle in one time: needling + veicolation of a sterile formula (because the doctor will use the same syringe to apply the product into the skin) + radiofrequency (stimulating the ECM in depth). For that reason it needed the Medical Device CE (by TUV).

Virtual’s weight is about 6kg, so the doctor can be used it in different studios too.

Warranty: 24 months
Made in Italy 100%.
Free Training in Italy.

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