1mL of Overage contains:
- 23mg Hyaluronic Acid
- 8,5mg Sodium Chloride
- 0,85mg of Buffer Solution of Monoacid Phosphate of Sodium
- 0,15mg of Buffer Solution of Diacid Phosphate of Sodium
- Sterile Water for injections (up to 1mL)


Overage Meso

Overage Meso offers an effective way to fight against the effects of reduced levels of hyaluronic acid, one of the key components of the dermis. It promotes intercellular exchange and greater skin elasticity, while firming the dermis. It makes possible to meet patients' expectations in terms of hydration and rejuvenation of both facial and body dermis.

Main benefits of Overage Meso:
• A product made with a naturally occurring substance, perfectly biocompatible and totally biodegradable
• No biocompatibility preliminary test required
• A non cross linked hyaluronic acid concentration equivalent to the finest gels on the market
• A specifically high molecular weight which contributes to a better hydration of the skin
• Highly purified hyaluronic acid, greatly reducing the side effects

• 1 ml pre-filled and sterile glass syringe
• Each syringe is provided with 2x30G½ needles
• Box with 1 syringe

Indicated for:
Periocular wrinkles - Wrinkles of the forehead - Wrinkles of the neck - Cleavage

Overage Ophtamology

Overage (medical sodium hyaluronate gel) is a sterile, nonpyrogenic, non-inflammatory, transparent viscoelastic solution of highly purified sodium hyaluronate dissolved in buffered saline.
Overage is a high molecular weight (about1,100,000) fraction of sodium hyaluronate (2.0% total weight ) dissolved in a sodium phosphate buffer (pH=7.0-7.4 at 25℃).
The osmolality of Overage is nominally 270mOsm/L-350mOsm/L.

• 1mL pre-filled and sterile glass syringe
• Each syringe is provided with 1 needle - 27gauge blunt tip
• Box with 1 syringe
Overage is sterilized using aseptic processing techniques. The filled syringes are sealed aseptically. The single use needle is sterilized by EO.

Overage is indicated for use as a surgical aid in ophthalmic anterior and posterior segment surgery including:
 Cataract extraction with of without implantation of an intraocular lens
 Corneal transplant surgery
 Glaucoma filtering surgery
 Secondary lens implantation

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