NeedleRoll is indicated for anti-aging, stretch marks and hair loss treatments. Through its multi-pins heads, NeedleRoll plays a stimulating and smoothing role on the skin.

It enables the cellular turnover and increases the elasticity and tone of the skin.

Safe, thanks to its monouse needling roller recharges with 540 pins.

Ability to use diferent lenghts, from 0.2mm to 2.0mm. Versatile, suitable for face&body treatments.

Ergonomic handle, to assure a constant pressure on the skin. NeedleRoll is Made in Italy.


The Skin Needling is a technique of Regenerative Dermatology. It can be safely performed on all skin colours and types. There is no risk of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, this is the major distinguishing safety feature between Skin Needling and other invasive procedures that are used to treat deep lines and depressed scars.


The principle on which it is based is very simple: the normal healing response begins the moment of tissue injury. Blood components spill into the injury site, causing platelets to come into contact with extracellular matrix. This contact triggers platelets to release clotting factors, essential growth factors and cytokines, once the injury site is cleaned, fibroblast migrate into the injury site and start to produce and deposit new extracellular matrix. The new collagen matrix then becomes crosslinked and organised during the final remodelling phase, which can continue for up to 12 months after the injury occurs. Skin Needling with a skin roller produces hundreds of tiny dermal injuries. Each dermal injury triggers the normal healing response within the skin and successive treatments build new collagen progressively and progressively fill in depressed scars and deep lines.

4 Simple steps to use NeedleRoll

1. Cleansing Thoroughly cleanse the skin with an appropriate cleansing product, adapted to the type of the treated skin. For an optimal effect, it is advisable to remove dead cells of the stratum corneum with a Biocleanser wipe. In case the NeedleRoll is used for the treatment of hair loss, remove first the dead cells of the stratum corneum using Biocleanser. Wash then the hair with gentle shampoo.

2. How to use Choose the type of Needleroll recharge, enter it in the NeedleRoll handle. With the free hand not holding the NeedleRoll, gently stretch the skin or scalp. With the other hand, holding the NeedleRoll handle, start rolling vertically from left to right, horizontally from top to bottom and diagonally, while exerting a constant pressure. Don’t exert too much pressure and avoid treating very sensitive areas such as eye contour and cheekbones.

3. Moisturizing and soothing Apply an active ingredients lotion (Mesorecharge nebulizers) or a mask (Botophase) on the treated area.

4. Post-operative After the treatment, it is recommended to apply a sun block cream to protect the skin. To stop the flush post-treatment, apply Chelaskin. It will allow the patient to leave the Institute without any redness or bruises.


Length of the pins and practical application

With pins of 0.5 mm

Generic regenerative facial stimulus • Reduce the signs of photoaging • Reduction of facial lines (soft wrinkles) 

With pins from 1 mm

Generic regenerative facial stimulus • Reduction of wrinkles • Reduction of stretch marks • Reduction of abnormal pigmentation • Reduction of scars • Reduction of porosity


The needleroll head must stuck into the handle, the hole oriented upward (Fig. 1 and 2).
Otherwise there is a risk that the head will disengage during treatment.

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