Motion Roller

The Motion Roller has been designed and manufactured to perform the skin needling of last generation.
It is the ultimate and first skin needling device to dispose of a built-in seat for nebulizer and pneumatic atomizer integrated.

The Motion Roller has global patent for its innovation:

2 actions in 1
This is the only device for needling that could spray product (mesorecharge: professional sterile nebulizers) while performing the needling. Can be quickly performed two actions at the same time being certain of applying a sterile product and unoxidized.

Moreover, once opened the pores of the skin, after the passage of the needles, it will be easier for them to absorb the product just sprayed, and so you will have a high transfer.

The main feature which diversificates the Motion from all others tools for needling is that
Motion Roller makes needling effective within PROTHOMBINE TIME.

The stratum corneum skin forms a barrier to the penetration in depth in the dermis of the creams applied to the skin; only small amounts of product are able to pass under it and the stratum corneum dry constitutes an additional obstacle to the dermal penetration.

Generally the cosmetic needling is useful exactly to improve the penetration of the cutaneous barrier.

The use of microneedles, passed through the epidermis, in fact creates micro-channels in the stratum corneum, whereby the penetration of large molecules can be improved by at least 10,000 times.

The needling technique is accompanied by a specific medical protocol of care before and after treatment that must be carefully observed.

The protocol provides for the enrichment of a treatment based on: • Vitamin A; • Vitamin C; • Antioxidants
Collagen synthesis at the cutaneous level is proportional to the amount of active ingredient and vitamins that can reach the dermal layer. Thus, through greater penetration into the skin, vitamins can certainly implement their benefits.

Now, we all know that the passage of microneedles on and into the skin induces collagen production, but we also must consider the side effects..INCREASING of FREE RADICALS!!

This is why protocols strongly require anti-oxydant treatment with needling. Without it infact, pratictioners would only make skin worst than before.
So, depending on the treatment of Cosmetic needling is important to talk about Prothrombin, also known as coagulation factor II.
Injury to a blood vessel determines the rapid conversion of prothrombin (factor II) into thrombin (factor IIa), which in turn converts fibrinogen into fibrin; is thus produced fiber armor which participates in the formation the clot.
Under normal conditions, the prothrombin time varies roughly from 11 to 13 seconds, this means that after treatment of needling, if we will apply a product (as required by cosmetics needling protocols) we will have no results because "the input channel", which was opened by the passage of microneedles, will be already close.

The device MOTION ROLLER® is in plastic BAYBLEND®
Available in black or white color.


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