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Mesotech USA is a Mesotech Company (Italy).

Mesotech USA imports the products from Mesotech Italy in order to distribute them throughout North America, Canada and South America.

Our commitment is addressed to distribution companies, medical spa, clinics, beauty salons up to high-end customers.


    Mesotech USA offers:

  • Direct contact with the Italian Manufacturer - Mesotech Srl

  • VCRP declaration (FDA)

  • Training on mesotech’s range, protocols and techniques

  • Local assistance to customers

  • Follow up and updates

Mesotech supplies the most complete line of professional skincare products developed and produced in Italy, evolved from the extensive scientific research and dedication of a team of professionals.

companyA new philosophy in product development where scientific research plays a fundamental role.

Mesotech range of mesococktails, thanks to their original formulations where unique ingredients are selected and combined in order to create a synergistic action aimed at restoring and correcting blemishes and cutaneous imperfections.


The main 'hallmarks' of our Mesotech Mesococktails are  :

  1. Impact Ingredient - in order to give an immediate and visible result.
  2. High Concentration of the Actives - to avoid the body habit (which is generally the main limit for the effectiveness of all the mesococktails available today on the market worldwide).
  3. Anti-oxidant ingredient - to balance free radicals’ level (Free Radicals increase after every dermathologic treatment).
  4. Excipients - the role of vitamins and minerals is essential as they contribute to the CHEMICAL BALANCE and CHEMICAL LINK of the INGREDIENTS.
    Without the Excipients or with an inadequate use of them, it will never be possible any synergy, and this translates into a low effectiveness of the treatment.


Mesotech Mesococktails for needle-free mesotherapy reaches the same goal of conventional mesotherapy tratment, stimulating the penetration of active ingredients through the layers and protective barrier of the skin surface, without pain and risks.

The active principles contained in the hydrosoluble molecules of Mesotech Mesococktails have the characteristic of permeate first the lipid barrier of the skin and then to penetrate, in cascade, through the underlying tissue through tiny ch annels created between the cells known as acquoporine, generated by the current of transdermal mesotherapy.

The hydrosoluble molecules contained in Mesotech Mesococktails, used in treatments with needlefree mesotherapy, have a very light Molecular Weight and Zn Atomic Mass, this increases the permeability of the skin, promoting the penetration of the active principles into subcutaneous tissues.


Mesotech Range's research, formulation and production follows the international regulations of pharma/cosmetic laws.

Products are ready to use (in ampoules or vials); sterility guaranteed; no risk of oxidation.

Mesotech Mesococktails do NOT contain any substances of animal or human origin or material derived from genetically modified organism (OGM).

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