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Mesotech is specialized in manufacturing aesthetic and skin care solutions for beauty and medical institutes.

Customer satisfaction and quality are the first priorities for our staff:

ISO9001 is basic quality assurance system in Mesotech srl.
This system covers all production steps including design and service process, also can provide good controlled productions for customers and patients We develop our Range in a continuous dialogue with our customers.

ISO13485 quality standard is including ISO9001, traceability, cleanroom, facilities and sterilization for medical device. This standard has been adopted for the production line in Mesotech srl.

Medical devices directive is special guideline for each medical device to assure safety and comfort to the patients. This directive is adopted in Mesotech srl.

Development of new products from original ideas to deep research. Original formulations where unique ingredients are selected to normalise and correct skin disorders and imbalances:

All raw materials are selected by us to meet the characters of medical devices. The production process is controlled according to ISO9001, ISO13485 quality systems. After production, all products are tested and inspected including packaging, sterilization etc.

Mesotech has the most complete Line of Aesthetic Mesotherapy Cocktails developed and produced in the Europe.
Mesotech evolved from the extensive scientific research and dedication of a team of dermatologists.

companyA new philosophy in product development where scientific research plays a fundamental role.

Mesotech guarantees the quality of all of its references. Each one is submitted to several control tests before, during and after production to ensure thet all formulations always match their specification, on appearance, quality and performances.

Test include, but are not limited to:

  1. checking stability and keeping the quality of the products
  2. checking performance and results through clinical trials, in addition each product is dermatologically tested
  3. none of these tests are carried out on animals.


Mesotech Range research, formulation and production follow the international regulations and pharmacy/cosmetic laws.

Mesotech cocktails don’t contain any substance of animal or human origin or material derived from genetically modified organism (OGM).






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